Lindblom 1Danielle Lindblom

   Danielle, a former high school English teacher and yearbook adviser, has worked with students for over 23 years. She earned a B.A. degree in Creative Writing from Florida State University and a MEd degree in education (grade 6- college) from C.W. Post in New York. For 18 years, Danielle represented Herff Jones Yearbooks, a Varsity Brand dedicated to empowering young people by encouraging participation, recognizing achievement, and building community and school spirit. She is a Certified Journalism Educator.
   Danielle, the mother of two, is  active in her community volunteering within her children’s schools, supporting students and teachers. When she isn’t busy volunteering, she enjoys playing tennis and training her newest family member–Chico, a Labrador puppy.


Vera Murphy Trayner

   Vera Murphy Trayner is a 1987 graduate of Boston College with a B.A. degree in Psychology and Business Management.  Currently pursuing her certification to become an Independent Educational Counselor (IEC).  Vera is a provisional/student member of the national Higher Education Counselors Association (HECA).  She successfully put her two children through the college search process.
    Vera is currently the owner of Murphy Trayner Holdings, a real estate rental venture.  She has 15 years experience working in large law firms in New York City and  New Jersey where she led law student recruiting and lawyer professional development programs.  She has ten years experience volunteering in her children’s schools and in the Tampa community.  Vera is a Family Advisory Board Member at Tuesday’s Children, a 9/11 family advocacy organization; a Planning Committee Member at the ALS Association, Florida Chapter and at Corbett Preparatory School.  Vera is a Selection Committee Member for the University of Virginia’s Patrick Sean Murphy Memorial Scholarship.
   Vera enjoys playing tennis and achieving her goals on Fitbit.